Monday, May 25, 2020

Assign. 5/26-28

6th. Science: 5/26: Complete all assign. for last 2-3 wks. by Thurs. 5/28 / Do Act.bk. p.149-150/ *Class meet. at 1pm. Tues. / Compound machine project not required (Optional ex. credit).
5/27: Turn in Act.bk. p.149-150.
5/28: All back work for last 3 wks must be turned in.

Enviro.Science: 5/26:Complete all miss work for last 3 wks. by 5/28. / All work due today.5/28. Optional ex.cred. energy project due 5/28. / Class meet at 1pm. ( if you still have work to turn in).

Begin / Adv. Band: 5/27: Class meet at 1pm. Make up playing test ( please wait until  you are admitted.It may take a while. Be patient because most of you did not do test last week, and a couple did not wait until admitted. I will only admit 1 student at a time for the test.) You will play 1 scale/ rudiment, and 1 concert piece of your choice. Have your instrument ready when admitted./ Turn in all school music and folders to the school office by Fri. 5/29.//**If you are renting a school instrument you must also return it to the office with name on case. If you want to use the rented instr. over the summer, your parent must make arrangements with the school business office.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Assign. 5/18-5/22

6th Science: Ch.9 Motion / Machines
5/18 : Do Act. bk. p.137, Read text p211-215 do vocab. def. and Quick ck. p.215 and Act. bk.p138.

5/19: Read p. 216-219 (3 laws of motion), Do vocab. def. and Class meeting at 1 pm, Go over activity p.220-221, (Act.bk.p.141-142).

5/20: Do quick ck. p.219, and Act. bk, p.139-140. / Read activity p.220-221 and do Act.bk.p.141-142

5/21: Read p.223-225 (machines / work) , and do vocab. def.  and quick ck.225 and Act. bk-145-146.

5/22: Read p. 226-229 (simple / compound machines). Do vocab. def. and quick ck. p229, and Act. bk.p.147-148. // Gather materials to build a compound machine (final project). **Please send homewk. to me on Tues, Thurs., and Fri.

Enviro. Science: Energy project "Watts the Cost"?
5/18: Pick up energy project packet from school office.

5/19: Read through packet and obtain your electric bill. You will not be sending me the bill but only using it to help answer questions on the project. Parents should read the first page and sign it.

5/20: Work on Energy project / Due on Thurs. 5/21.

5/21:Turn in Energy Project: **Class meet. at 1pm. Go over 1 page paper requirements for final test. on A famous Environmentalist of the 19th or 20th century

5/22: Begin research on Environmentalist paper for final test due Thurs., 5/28.

Begin Band: 
5/18: Scales and warm up ex.. Work on scales and 1 piece for final playing test.
Class meeting Wed. at 1pm.

5/21: Return school music to school front office. May keep the red lesson bk. to practice over summer.
Remember to turn in practice time for this week.

Adv. Band: 
5/18: Scales and warm up ex. , and 1 concert piece for final playing test on 5/22 or 5/27.

5/19: Turn in practice time.
5/21: Turn in practice time.
5/22**Class meet. at 1 pm., Playing test. (2 scales and 1 concert piece). 
Turn in band folders to school office. May keep your red and blue lesson bks. to use over summer. Return all other school music books in folder. Those who did not test today must test on Wed. May 27th in last class meet.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Assignments 5/11-5/15

6th Science: 5/11: Do quick ck. p.173. Read p.178-181, do vocab. def., collect ;lab materials for activity in text p. 182-183 (Act.bk. p.115-116). Use pool water test strips in place of red cabbage. 5/12: Do quick ck. p.181. **Class meet at 1pm. / 5/13: Turn in Act. bk. p.115-116, Read and complete Act. bk. p.114 on Robert Boyle./ 5/14Read lab on p.184-185 (Act.bk. p.117-118). Complete lab on antacids
due on Fri.5/15./ 5/15 Turn in Act. bk. p.117-118. Do Act. bk. p.119-120.

Enviro. Science: 5/11:Investigate and take notes  on the following energy alternatives: solar, flowing water, wind, burning biomass, biofuels, hydrogen gas, geothermal energy, nuclear energy. 5/12:Choose 3 alternate energy sources and answer 3 quest. on each.1.What is its net energy yield? 2. Cost to develope,phase in, and use? 3.How will extracting, transporting, and use affect the environment? 5/13 Turn in answers to alternate energy quest. 5/14 ** Classmeet. 1pm. Google: "How to turn a pizza box into a solar oven"/ Build solar oven. 5/15: Cook cheese, marshmallow,or warm pizza. Check& record temp. every 15 min., graph results, send pic. of graph and oven.

Begin band: 5/11 : practice scalesBflat M, Aflat M, G M, p.23 in red bk. ,Crusaders , Krazy Klock, Regal March. 5/12: Choose piece for final playing test. 5/13: Class meet. at lpm. 5/14-15: Continue practicing scales concert pieces and playing exam piece.

Adv. Band:5/11: Scales, warmup ex., Stars& Stripes,Arlington Over.,Russian Sailors Dance,5/12 Choose piece for final playing exam. and begin work on it.5/13-14: Continue practice schedule . Add Spring and Victors.5/15: Class meet. at 1pm.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Assignments 5/4-5/8

                        5/4:Review ch.7, Do Act. bk. p.103, Read p.161-165, do vocab. and quick ck. p.165.
                        5/5: Do Act. bk. p.104, Go over p. 166-169, Do quick ck. p.169.
                         *** Class meet. at 1 pm. (Discuss wanted poster p.170)
                        5/6: Do Act. bk. p.105-106, Read text p.170, Do wanted poster on an element , Use Act
                                bk. p.107-108 to record info.on element.
                         5/7: Turn in picture of wanted poster and A. bk. p.107-108.
                         5/8:Read p. 171-175, do vocab. and quick, ck. p.175, Do A. bk. p.109-110.
                              **  Get materials for activity on p.182-183 text ( A. bk. p.115-116 for next wk.).

                          5/4:Turn in pollutant collector info., and pic. of collector. Turn in notes on types of
                                 pollution and chart.
                          5/5: Define weather, climate, upwelling, El Nino. List 3 things that affect climate
                                 and ocean currents.
                          5/6:Fill in renweb outline on climate, global warm.,and ozone loss using notes, video,
                                 icr. articles,and your own research. Due on Fri.
                          5/7: Go over outline.
                                  ***Class meet. at. 1pm.
                           5/8:Turn in pic. of completed outline.

                            5/4-5/8:Practice scales and same pieces as last wk. ,***Class meet. Wed. 1p.m

ADV.BAND:     5/4-5/8: Practice scales, warm up ex.,same pieces and America. Turn in time.
                            ***Class meet on Fri. at 1pm.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Assign. 4/27-5/1

6th Science:
Mon.:Read p.46-49, do vocab. def.and quick ck. p.49
Tues: Do Act. bk. p.35-36 / Class Meet. at 1pm/* check renweb Tues am for password.
Wed.: On p. 48 do the "Try it Yourself"activity. Write up your 3 observations& turn in.
Thurs: Do Act, bk.p.39-40 (Essay Quest.)/ Turn in by 5pm.
Fri: All assign. for ch. 2 will count for you ch.2 ntbk. test grade.

Enviro. Sci:
Mon: Soil perc test paragraph and graph of results due by 5pm.
Tues:Read and take notes on article from Jan.'20 mag. "Survival of the Fittest and death Culture"
 Wed: Read & take notes on mag. article from May '20 "Mt. St. Helens...40 Yrs."
 Thurs: **Class meet. at 1pm / Take notes on air pollutants/ Make pollutant collector plate and record information.
Fri: Air pollutant collector activity report due by 5pm.

Begin Band: 
Mon.-Fri. / Continue practice of scales and page 22-23. Work on new scale G M.
*** Class meet. on Wed. at 1pm./ check renweb Wed. am for passwd.

Mon.-Fri.: Continue scales and warm-up ex./Stars&Stripes, Arlington, Windsor Over Russian Sailor Dance.
***Class meet. on Fri.1pm./Check renweb for passwd.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

April 20-24

6th Science:Mon.; Read p.40-43/ do vocab. def. / take notes on italicized words p.41-43.
                    Tues: Class meet. 1pm./  do quick ck. p.43 / discuss lab on stream erosion p.44-45,
                    A.bk.p.33-34. Meet. code and password on renweb class communication by
                     Wed.: Collect materials for labp.44-45 / Do A.bk.p.33-34 lab.
                     Thurs: Answer quest. A.bk. p.33-34. All work due on Tues.5pm and Thurs. 5pm.

Env.Sci.:Mon:Write 1 page paper on response to quest. #2&#3 statements on p.114 Mysteries of Life.
              Tues: Read and take notes on March '20 Acts& Facts mag. article " Cosmic Rays , Sunspots, and Climate Change"Part 1.
               Wed.: Read and take notes on part 2 of Tues. assign. article in the April '20 issue of Acts &
                         Facts mag.
                Thurs.: Class meet at 1 PM. (Code and passwd. on renweb class commun. by Thurs. am.
                            -Discuss soil perc. test  / materials/ directions / display info. on a graph. Due by Mon.
                             at 5 pm.

Begin Band: Mon. & Tues.: continue scales practice. review p. 21-22 in red book/ Rehearse Krazy
                    Klock & Regal March
                     Wed.: Class meeting at 1:00pm. (check class renweb commun.Wed. am. for passwd./code.
                                Have instruments assembled to play for me.
                     Thurs: Same as Mon. /Tues. practice.

Adv. Band:Mon.-Thurs.: Continue scales / warm up ex. / practice Stars & Stripes,, Arlington, America.
                  Fri: Class meet. 1 pm. (Check Fri. am. renweb communication for passwd. and code ).
                  Have instruments ready to play for me.

Monday, April 6, 2020

April 6-9 2020

6th Science: Mon: Read p. 34-36, Do Vocab defin. and Quick check p, 36
                    Tues: Draw and Label Diagram of Soil horizons on p. 36/Do Act.Bk. p. 23 and 24
                    Wed: Review p.35 of text, due Act Bk p. 27-28 (get parents to help you)/Begin soil
                             detective p. 37/ Collect soil from one spot around your house. Spread it out on flat
                             surface or aluminum pan to dry overnight.
                    Thurs:Now use Act Bk p. 29-30 and follow the flow charts on both pages
                              Send me a pic of these pages/ No class meeting until after Easter break.
Enviro Science:Mon: Finish reading p. 117-120 and do Vocab. def and notes on underlined                                                      sections of ch. 16
                         Tues: Read article from March 20 Acts and Facts (How Did Coal Seams Form?)
                                   Take notes from article
                         Wed/Thurs: Read articles from April 20 Acts and Facts 
                                  (Turtles Have Always been Turtles)
                                  and (Ancient Sahara was Wetter than Expected.  Take notes on both
                                  No class until after Easter break. Send all assignments to my email, *some of you
                                  are missing assignments from last week*
Beginning Band: Continue scale practice and Book p. 21-22, and Crusaders and Krazy Klock
                            Send email confirming you completed assignment.
Advance Band:  Continue scales and warm up exercises, work on Stars and Stripes, Spring, and                                       Arlington Overture.
                           Send me your time for practice on Tues and Thurs. by 5 p.m. on school email.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 28th.

6th. science: Do p.33, and italicized wds. p.33/ Zoom class meet. with G.Mattice on Tues.1:00-1:30p.m. / Read text p.18-19, and A.bk. p.13-14. Gather materials for Volcano project, but DO NOT START Project until after our meeting. Parents may help with advice / ideas. Once you start you will have until Thurs /Fri.,2nd / turn in project by my email with picture of the A.bk. pages and the model. Good luck / Have fun!! GM.
Enviro Sci.: Mon./ Tues.: Do ch.15 quest.,p113./  Read ch.16, p.114-117, Do vocab. def./ View "Thats a Fact" video on (Climate Change and Population Growth) / Wed.-Thurs.: Read. Acts and Facts magazine (March 2020) article: "Warm Weather and COVID-19", take notes to turn in email and we will discuss this in a class meet. on Fri.,4/1. at 1:00-1:30.
Begin Band: Tues: Practice tuning scale and p.21 (Regal March) and Crusaders. Thurs.: Practice scale/ P.21 Regal March, and Krazy Klock
Adv. Band: Mon./Tues.: Scales and warm up,p/40 #3,8, 14 in blue bk./practice Russian Sailors Dance.
Tues: Write out def. for: cleff, coda, crescendo, D.C(Da Capo), Coda.
Wed./Thurs.: Same practice schedule, add Arlington overture and p.22 Turkish March.
***REMINDER to ALL: Assignments are not optional and must be turned in on assigned days by 5 pm.. Extenuating circumstances: by Fri. of same week by 5 pm. If you do not turn in assign. , you will get 0 for that assign. and be counted absent. I understand this is a big change from our 'school as usual', but if we all make an effort and try hard, we can make this work. Remember , this is a big change for all your teachers (especially me!). God Bless You, Stay safe and healthy. I love you guys, GM.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Zoom Info

Here is my Zoom Link

You can log on Tuesday and Thursday - from 1:00-1:30 and I will give you updates on our classes.
This link will always stay the same.

Monday, March 23, 2020

.March 23-24

6th science Mattice: review  terms p.28-29 mechanical weathering ..Do quick ck.p.29, read p.30-32 and do vocab. Def. / Tues. assign. For Wed. : Take notes p.32 on fantastic facts. Take notes on italicized terms p.30-32 due by Thurs. 5pm.                    Enviro. Sci. :Mon.-Tues. Review energy terms p109-110.  Do diag. Of hydroelec. PLANT P.110 .TURN IN BY Tues.5pm.               Wed.-Thurs.:read p.111-112and do diag. P.112 .Take notes on nuclear energy, portable fuels, hydrogen and alcohols. Turning by Thurs. 5 pm. TURN in assign. By my school email..                                                   Begin band : repeat last week assign. : tune, scales and Crusaders, and p.21.              Adv. Band: tune&scales/ Arlington, Stars&Stripes (due Tues.) Wed. :same practice routine and write def of accent, accidental, Allegro, andante, arpeggio. TURN Wed. Thurs. assign. By 5pm Thurs. Send all assign. By my school email. Have a great week. I am praying for you, God bless. Stay safe. GM.

Monday, March 16, 2020

March 16th

6th Science: Finish A. bk. p.16,19,20 and place in ***Turn in to school main office  in box marked for 6th science before 4 pm on Wed., March18. (Matthew, yours is in the box if you have to add anything to it. You left it on Fri.)
               Do the A. bk. p.21(preview for ch.2 without using your text)  Then read p.25-29 and do the vocab. def. Then for Thurs. take notes on the italicized terms: types of mechanical weathering. Send the vocab. def. and the notes to me on my school e mail. address by 5 pm on Thurs. Assignments turned in on Tues. and Thurs. will also count for your attendance. All Science work for me will be assigned on Mon. and Wed. and due on Tues. and Thurs. of same week after Wed.the 18th. Turn in time will always be by 5 pm on Tues. and Thurs.

Beginning and Advanced band: your assignments will be given on Mon. and Wed. and due on Tues. and Thurs.. You must turn in at least 30 min. of practice time on those days as well as any written assignments given by 5 pm on Tues. and Thurs. Attendance for those classes will be taken  when the assignments are turned in on those days.
    Begin. Band due Thurs.: Practice tuning scale, p.19 in bk. and Crusaders.
    Advanced Band: Practice tuning scales , warm up ex. #3& #8  p.40 in blue bk. / work on Russian Sailor Dance. Next week we will begin a 2nd year of Music theory lessons along with your practice time.Do not forget to turn in your assign. by 5 pm on Tues. and Thurs. This also counts as attendance for this class. I will be at the school tomorrow AM after 9 , if you need to pick up an instrument.
 ***I want to thank each of you for your prayers and thoughts for me during my accident ordeal.  Let's all work together to make this on line schooling schedule work, and stay close to our families and friends and stay healthy..God bless you all, g.mattice @

Assign. 5/26-28

6th. Science: 5/26: Complete all assign. for last 2-3 wks. by Thurs. 5/28 / Do Act.bk. p.149-150/ *Class meet. at 1pm. Tues. / Compound mach...